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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 4, 2016 1:07am-1:43am EDT

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with developing sunshine developing tomorrow. how long the nice stretch will last. plus, the latest track on major hurricane matthew. shelley: deadly overdoses, the new hampshire city facing an alarming growth in deaths. tom: commitment 2016. the candidates for u.s. senate face off in a televised debate. tonight, how their stances on birth control are now making national headlines. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: we begin tonight with hurricane matthew, the monster category-four storm is already bringing dangerous winds and flooding rains to jamaica and haiti. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. at least one person has been killed related to the storm in haiti. shelley: a fisherman was found in rough water off shore today. abc's linsey davis is just outside haiti's capital of port-au-prince.
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already deadly and now closing in on haiti, packing 140-mph winds. at one point considered the strongest atlantic hurricane in nearly a decade, but it's the storm's slow speed, moving at just 7 miles per hour, that makes it so dangerous. this is considered a rainmaker. we are talking about life-threatening rain. potentially 40 inches of rain. and this could be devastating in this area for so many who are still living in homes like this, homes that are fragile, and protection. it is going to be a long 24 hours ahead. linsey davis, abc news, haiti. shelley: and though the danger is hundreds of miles away, the impact is being felt in the granite state. new hampshire's haitian community is very concerned about family and friends back home. wmur's mike cronin joins us live with a story of one state lawmaker.
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is one of the strongest atlantic storms in recent memory. and it's on a direct path to haiti and that has one state , representative and other members of new hampshire's haitian community on edge tonight. jean jeudy is the first haitian-american legislator in new hampshire history. tonight, he's thinking about the country where he was born as haiti prepares to take on what is being described as a potentially catastrophic hurricane. >> i would like to ask everyone to keep haiti in their prayers. mike: as hurricane matthew powers through the atlantic, it could hit haiti, jamaica, and cuba within the next day. jeudy says this would be devastating for haiti. the country still has not completely recovered from an earthquake that hit six years ago, killing nearly 200,000 people. about 50,000 people are still living in emergency tents, and jeudy says there is no way those tents will withstand a hurricane the size of matthew. >> it is really hard for the haitians under the tent. they are talking about 140 mile sothey are talking about 140
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going to resist that wind. mike: jeudy says he has been in touch with people on the island who are at a loss ahead of this storm. >> last night, i was talking to a friend of mine in haiti, and then he told me everybody, really, really, they are scared. and they don't know where to go. mike: and jeudy, like so many in new hampshire's haitian community, is hoping this hu country still trying to bounce back from that earthquake tragedy. >> it really looks like haiti might get hurt again, like six years ago. mike: jeudy still has family in haiti, as well. and as the hurricane hits his home country, he asks granite staters to keep those affected in their thoughts. live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: and here in the u.s., the
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slowly churns towards them. chief meteorologist mike haddad is here with a look at the latest latest track. mike: yes, that is the sustained wind, and the gusts are more than that. in the caribbean, east of jamaica, the western portions, that over the next 12 hours them a 24 hours, and just a tick up from where it was a earlier, when it was going around five miles per hour, now up at seven. again, this is the center. most of the damage is to the east in terms of the gustiest winds, and that will affect
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impact on florida or somewhere along the southeast coast. dionne that timeframe, there will be a turn to the north and eventually the northeast, but will that turn out to see happen before it reaches new england? tom: and you can follow the latest on hurricane matthew by our apps available for apple and android devices. shelley: now to a grim update on the drug crisis gripping new month for overdoses in nashua this year. seven people died in september, and this month, there have already been three deaths. nashua has recorded 50 overdose deaths this year. and now the gate city is trying , to get a program similar to manchester's safe station but say there are critical pieces to the concept missing, including funding and access to recovery centers. >> the reaction is shock, particularly with october. we're on the third day of october, and we've already had
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it's not acceptable. >> it's an everyday occurrence, this fire house right here. engine company number 4 goes out on more overdose calls that any other company in the city. shelley: in manchester, the city has had 77 deadly overdoses this year and gone to more than 600 overdose calls. tom: new tonight, a nashua man is facing charges accused of sexually assaulting a woman. nashua police arrested 25-year-old edward maselli last night after reports that a woman was sexually assaulted in her home. police later identified maselli, who is an acquaintance of the victim as the suspect. , when officers found maselli, they say he ran and resisted arrest. he is being held on $50,000 cash bail. shelley: a quick response helped officers track down a bank robbery suspect. manchester police say 39-year-old john faucher robbed the t.d. bank on franklin street this afternoon. police say faucher handed a teller a note saying he had a
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three minutes after the description was broadcast, and police arrested faucher for an attempted robbery at the 7-eleven on maple street last week. tom: all right, we are moving on now to commitment 2016, and new hampshire's u.s. senate race took center stage tonight in a debate held at new england college in henniker. republican senator kelly ayotte is seeking her second term, challenged by democrat governor maggie hassan. and as jean mackin reports live there was a lot of debate over , the presidential candidates they support. about to hear, do you consider donald trump a role model for children? it could determine the makeup of the u.s. senate. senator kelly ayotte and governor maggie hassan drew party lines in the u.s. senate debate. governor hassan: my opponent is supporting donald trump, who members of her own party say poses an absolute danger to our country's vital interests. senator ayotte: first of all, i plan to vote to donald trump,
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-- whereas governor hassan is lockstep with hillary clinton. jean: while senator ayotte says she'll vote for donald trump, she says he won't endorse him. she was pressed on whether he's a role model for children. senator ayotte: i think that's certainly, there are many role models we have, and i think he can serve as president, so, absolutely i would do that. , governor hassan: what you just heard is senator ayotte trying trump which she does from time to time but at the end of the , day she's gong to vote to put him in the situation room with access to our nuclear codes. jean: they debated their differences of opinion, including repealing the affordable care act nominating a , supreme court justice, and expanded background checks for gun buyers. senator ayotte: i fully support those who are too dangerous to
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but we have to mechanism for , people who believe they're wrongly on that list. governor hassan: senator ayotte has had little opportunities to make our country safer and to stand up to terrorists, to vote for an expanded background check bill, and she has declined to do it. jean: and they talked about the ayotte campaign handing out condoms to college students this weekend she says to highlight her call for expanded access to birth control. >> this is an idea to allow women to access birth control with fda approval and safety in mind, over-the-counter. >> but it would take away the requirement that insurance companies actually cover birth control. jean: a lot of reaction to condom campaign move planned parenthood saying senator ayotte has a record of obstructing birth control, while the ayotte campaign is that is not true.
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24 hours, two vice presidential nominees will face off for the first time. democrat tim kaine and republican mike pence will debate at longwood university in virginia tomorrow in their one and only debate of this election. the two men have very different political views but politifacts , editor expects both to take on the role of attack dog, criticizing the top of their opposing ticket. >> they may spend some time attacking each other but that , actually is a bit of a distraction. i think most people vote for presidency on top of the ticket. fact check the event and says to expect the candidates to bring up trump's tax returns and clinton's private email server. and, of course you can watch tim , kaine and mike pence face off right here on wmur, and by going our website or our , mobile app. the debate begins tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m.. tom: right now, the faa is investigating after a plane went off the runway in concord today. the faa says a cessna 305 ran off of the runway after landing at concord municipal airport this morning.
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including the coast guard met today about the mother-son mystery at sea. 22-year-old nathan carman was rescued from a life raft near martha's vineyard after his boat sank during a fishing trip with his mother. she is now presumed dead. right now investigators are , looking into whether carman was operating the boat unsafely. granite state dairy farmer shelley: the shocking number of farms shutting down and the discouraging news they are learning about the state's emergency relief fund. >> we're bleeding out tens of thousands of dollars over a season like this.
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tom: well granite state dairy , farmers are struggling to stay a float after enduring a dry season and low milk prices. now many say they could use some help from the state. shelley: kristen pope spoke two shelley: kristen pope spoke two different farms, one who is in with an uncertain future. kristen: here on shirley road, max benedikt operates a small farm. he makes money from whatever he sells. but this year profit has been , struggle. and he says a little assistance would help. >> we're bleeding out tens of thousands of dollars over a season like this. we're in a situation where really we are short of feed. the feed is lower quality. the output of the cows is less. kristen: the benedickt farm and others dairy farmers like tom marston are suffering directly
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are definitely limiting what we can do. kristen: and for most farmers, the hit affects more than just their business. it also affects their families. the marston family have been farmers for nine generations. >> my grandchildren, if, in fact, they are still there, can be. kris , attended a meeting with lawmakers in concord hoping to get some relief. an emergency fund was created for dairy farmers in 2008 and never funded. now marston says the state needs to take action fast. >> we are asking for them to move the money from one place to the other and disperse it equitably. >> so much of what we do is not just paying attention to make a profit for ourselves. it's to enrich in the landscape every one lives in and that,
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greater community, through something like the emergency funds. kristen: benedict says despite the financial squeeze, he says not giving up, whether help comes or not. >> failure is not an option for us. we're pretty young. we just started out five years ago so we're in for the long , haul. that's not an option for us and we are just going to keep going. kristen: 100 farms have shut down. in goffstown, kristen pope, wmur news 9. tom the boston pops will be : taking over boston's fourth of july celebration. the orchestra announced the change today as longtime executive producer david mugar steps down after 43 years. the event is one of the nation's signature fourth of july celebrations, pops conductor keith lockhart says this will give the pops the best chance to control the event's fate, pops is currently looking for sponsors to fund the event. shelley: tonight, new hampshire's young professionals were recognized at an awards ceremony in bow.
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organization that encourages 20 and 30-year-olds to stay or come live in the granite state. and tonight's annual event celebrated people and groups that are recruiting and retaining young people. >> we work really closely with all the young professionals networks throughout the state. there are 15 groups at this point, so lots of representatives from those groups are here. we have past winners, all the finalists, judges are a whole bunch of different people. so we try and pull from different segments. shelley: and the organization says about half of the state's in new hampshire. tom: all right, we are keeping -- we are just hoping for the best for the people of 80. mike: you look at different sectors, and the eastern sector is the worst. unfortunately, that is not going to affect them tonight but right through the day tomorrow. it is tough around here. a little bit quieter, although we started off with some fog. it is kind of murky.
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you also notice as it started to threaten the area, some fall weather. not that bad in terms of the fall foliage. on average, up to 50% across the state right now, a couple of downpours moving through over the last several hours, but just about all of those are fizzling out, and not much left over in doppler radar. you can see if you more sprinkles between now and midnight, 1:00 that, mostly cloudy with a little bit of fog. statewide, seasonal. a couple of spots just a bit about that, like in nashua, 60. on average, upper 40's in rochester, lower 40's elsewhere. now, for the next couple of days, a great stretch of weather. we have a chance of some fog lingering even through midday tomorrow, and then we will start to see this area sliding off to
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northwest, and that means plenty of sun by later tomorrow and even more wednesday, thursday, friday, and even early on saturday. as for the highs tomorrow, a little bit cooler than today, upper 50's at the coast, generally about 60 to 65 elsewhere. at the shore, a little bit warmer. wednesday, upper 60's to around 70, and then well into the 70's thursday, friday, and saturday. now, here isup matthew. the wind has increased, now up to 145 miles per hour, the wind gusts up to 160 miles per hour. take a look at the track. it is a slow jog to the north. that means devastation over a good portion of 80. it barely scraped jamaica. the eastern half, at least tropical storm conditions if not some gusts to hurricane force, and then the eastern parts of cuba, yes, they are under the gun.
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the northwest as an area of high pressure builds just to the east of the center and causes it to move off in that direction. the bahamas right under the track. and that it is a slow jog towards the florida coast line. after that, all bets are off. in terms of the projection towards new england, it all depends on where the center is early on friday. the farther north that is, the better shot it has to get drawn up from the west. if it is still stuck down here friday night, early saturday, it has no chance to get up here, because that same trough that is moving in will kick it out to the, -- sea, and you get the idea we still have to track it for the next few days. here are the computer models, all of these mathematical equations. that is what each one of these lines is. nearly consistent through
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are quite a bit, some to new england, but some out to the sea, to our east. right now, that is the favorite track, south of new england, but no impact here. but keep in mind, if the storm starts to accelerate north, into the bahamas by wednesday afternoon and into the northern portions of florida by thursday night and friday, then we really have to watch it around here. the window of opportunity, if any, for new hampshire would come and saturday night tgh showers with that weaker system, as i say in from the west. any things could change, so stay tuned. shelley: and our thoughts for the people of haiti. mike: it will be tough.
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announcer: now, jason king and
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jason: all right deflategate is , officially over, and tom brady is back with the patriots, while brady was serving his 4-game suspension, new england went 3-1, including yesterday's 16-0 loss to buffalo. brady will make his first start of the 20 16th season in cleveland on sunday. wax it is going to be great. i mean, one of the best players on the team, a guy that leave us. it is going to be good to have him back. so, yes. we are in the postseason. 10 teams made the playoffs, and one of them is just 11 victories away from winning the world series. the wildcard games play out in the next two days. the red sox begin their playoff run on thursday. here are the game times. the indians secure home field for the division series, meaning games one and two will be in cleveland on thursday and friday. the series will shift back to
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sunday's start time is 4:00 p.m., monday is still to be determined. if the series goes 5 games, they'll head back to cleveland for game five on october 12. all right, here are the matchups for the wildcard games. tuesday night at 8:00, and the nationally, the giants play at the mets on wednesday. former dartmouth college pitcher kyle hendricks finished the 2016 season as major league baseball's era leader at 2.13. hendricks, one of the top candidates in the national league cy young race, finished the season with a 16-8 record, helping the cubs to the major's best record 103-58. ,so chicago will have home field throughout the national league playoffs. all right, high school sports. how about field hockey?
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opportuniyt, but jessie ward able to keep it out of the net. still in the first half, john stark gets on the board, mercedes camacho fires one short side, making it 1-0, generals. and they go on to win it 4-0. , boys soccer, bishop guertin hosting salem. second half, tied at 1-1, good chance for the cardinals, but anthony bellino is there to make the save for salem. they go to overtime, tied at 1-1. pietro zanotti slips the game-winner. bishop guertin wins it overtime, 2-1. some girls soccer. john stark, they were hosting the lebanon raiders. second half, no score, john stark's cadence loos sends one on net but an easy save for kassidee rogers. the generals finally break through, cara easter with the free kick, and brooke shatney
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all right the national rankings , for fcs football. with unh coming in at number 30 this week. just outside the top 25. there are five other caa teams ranked ahead of them, including the team that unh beat over the weekend, william and mary. next up for the wildcats, they they play at elon on saturday afternoon, and over the weekend, 14 more games were collection sites for the new hampshire tackles hunger food drive. the numbers are still coming in, food. this friday night at memorial, and then on pelham. saturday,they will host the collection site, as well. tom: still to come -- shelley: showing support for
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shelley: enfield police is showing support for breast cancer awareness. tom: all this month officers will be wearing the pink badges to show support for breast cancer patients, survivors and research. shelley: good stuff. thanks so much for joining us thanks so much for joining us for news chris sununu's family gave him a famous name
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over the years, chris cut jobs. chris cut workers' hours to deny them health insurance. and now he opposes the minimum wage. chris has never had to work for anything. chris sununu has no business being governor. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first
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